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Are you trying to find a dependable London source for garden sheds and outbuildings of the highest caliber? is the only place to search. iLikeSheds is the top provider of wooden garden structures in the UK. They provide a variety of products at reasonable costs, including log cabins, summerhouses, apex roof sheds, and pent roof sheds.

With more than 15 years of expertise in the field, iLikeSheds has assisted hundreds of London homeowners in creating more useable garden space by installing durable and fashionable storage sheds. Pre-built and customized sheds from iLikeSheds are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any use or budget, whether you need additional room for tools and equipment for your garden or a practical workshop.

The finest option for buying sheds in London is for the following five main reasons:

Large Selection of Shed Sizes and Styles

Customers using iLikeSheds have access to a large selection of wooden garden sheds with different roof designs, wall claddings, sizes, and combinations. The selection spans from little 3×2 meter huts to enormous insulated garden offices that are 6×4 meters or more, with both standard and custom choices available in both wooden and metal construction.

Reasonable Costs

Even while iLikeSheds provides excellent craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, it maintains extremely affordable price. Basic storage sheds come in a variety of styles and prices starting at a few hundred pounds. When compared to other vendors, larger workshops, summerhouses, and insulated structures are still reasonably priced. Further value is added by free delivery.

Quick Delivery Options

With certain pre-built shelters, the firm offers quick delivery—most areas of London within 48 hours. Customers also have the choice of scheduled, Saturday, or next-day delivery. For people who wish to swiftly establish a new building, this helps to reduce waiting periods.

Professional Assembly Assistance

iLikeSheds provides professional installation of all bought structures anywhere in London by a team of skilled professionals for an extra charge. Customers who appreciate having their shed erected correctly and swiftly may rest easy knowing this.

Excellent Client Care

Customers are actively assisted in choosing the ideal building for their needs by amiable and competent staff. They also provide installation advice and post-purchase wood treatment suggestions. The purchasing experience is further improved with a comprehensive catalog, an intuitive website, and helpful phone assistance.

Selecting the Ideal Shed Design

A key first consideration while looking for garden sheds in London is the type of roof. Below is a quick summary of the two most popular choices that iLikeSheds offers:

Roof Sheds Apex

Apex roof structures slope upward to a central ridge from both sides, much like the traditional shed design. This facilitates simpler water runoff and optimum headroom within. Apex shelters are appropriate for the majority of home gardens since they have a classic yet useful appearance.

Sheds with Pent Roofs

Pent sheds have a single-sloped roof, take up less vertical space, and have a large floor surface. They effectively exploit tight or oddly shaped plots, making them ideal when there is restricted height clearance. For further storage possibilities, some pent-shed types even have taller roofs at one end.

Other Important Considerations

Size – Assess your available area and projected storage requirements. Larger cabins/offices can measure up to 6×4 meters, while most simple shelters are approximately 3 by 2 meters.

Material: is it made of metal or wood? Think about your choices for longevity, weight, and look.

Wall cladding: The textures and strengths of tongue and groove, overlap, and loglap choices differ.

Flooring: While updated T&G floors are better suited for larger loads, most still use OSB flooring.

Windows/doors: For natural light, add supplementary windows and select between single and double doors.

Extras: You may choose exterior paint colors, electrical outlets, insulation, and more.

There are a lot of alternatives when purchasing a shed, but iLikeSheds’ product guides, virtual visualizers, and experienced staff make the process simple. Clients may expect exceptional value, quality, and post-purchase support.

Top-Rated Sheds at iLikeSheds

Certain shed styles from the iLikeSheds catalog have shown time and time again to be well-liked by clients in London and other cities. Here are some great options to think about:

6×3 Bike Shed

This reasonably priced, strong, and little pent shed guards tools, motorcycles, and bicycles. Double doors that are secure maximize storage. It’s a great option for little gardens because of its simple setup.

8 by 6 Apex Shed

The traditional medium-sized garden shed. Fits tools, furniture, children’s toys, and more in a versatile interior. Good value and peace of mind are offered by the ten-year rot-proof guarantee and lifetime wood treatment.

10×8 Workshop

A larger workplace allows hobbyists who are crafty homeowners to indulge. The weather is kept out by insulated walls. Pressure-treated wood is used in the premium construction for a longer lifespan. Included are roof lights and an electrical outlet.

5 by 4 Summerhouse

The tranquil garden hideaway serves as a play area on rainy days. Natural light enters via decorative windows. Well-built wood structures age gracefully. The well-liked customisable option lets you customize the fittings and interior design.

Insulated Office, 6×4.

Separate study zones are created with a thermally efficient pod. Outside noise is blocked by sound-insulated walls. Electric outlets and double-glazed windows make the area suitable for use as a home office. For a hassle-free setup, they are completely supplied and installed.

Although most demands may be met by the conventional designs in the above list, clients can choose fully customized structures. A group of knowledgeable joiners collaborates with customers to create custom shed plans that fit even the most peculiar garden specifications. London-based iLikeSheds’ adaptability and craftsmanship are often praised in comments from many happy clients.

Why Purchasing Directly from the Manufacturer

Buying straight from iLikeSheds as opposed to independent merchants offers the following significant benefits:

  • access to the complete product catalog, which includes new and exclusive goods as well as promotions.
  • Product experts available to provide knowledgeable advice tailored to the brand’s offerings.
  • a hassle-free return policy and extensive post-purchase assistance directly from the manufacturer.
  • Complete quality control since structures are delivered fully constructed from the factory rather than partially assembled.
  • Competitive pricing is the result of savings from the elimination of middle-man markups.
  • Possibility of personalizing designs, fixtures, and fittings to best match specific landscape requirements and financial constraints.
  • convenience of having a single point of contact for delivery, purchases, and service for the course of a customer’s ownership.

With over 20 years of industry expertise, iLikeSheds has optimized every step of the process to produce an industry-best purchasing encounter. Their remarkable expertise, workmanship, and client commitment are evident in every phase they manage, from design to building to long-term care. Because of this, they are the obvious first choice for discriminating homeowners searching for high-quality garden structures in London and around the country. So visit for the most selection at the lowest costs.

Advice on Selecting the Perfect Shed Site

After picking out the ideal shed from iLikeSheds, it’s critical to decide on a good installation location. The following are important placement considerations:

  • Measure the shed’s footprint and make sure there is at least 60 centimeters of room available on all sides for access and ventilation.
  • If putting near walls, place out of direct sunlight to avoid excessive internal heat accumulation.
  • Keep a minimum of one meter between you and any trees to protect the roof from falling branches, sap, or leaves.
  • For stability, concrete, paving stones, or a ready-made landscape work best on a dry, flat basis.
  • If you need to install internal electric points later, place it close to a power source.
  • Orientation: Over time, sheds that face away from the rain and the main winds tend to weather less.
  • Aesthetics: Place the shed such that it enhances rather than detracts from the beauty of your garden.
  • Security: For extra safety, stay out of hiding places and place yourself in plain sight of your house.

Any iLikeSheds garden structure may be used faithfully as intended for many years to come with no maintenance if it is placed correctly at first. Taking into account these professional location suggestions will ultimately pay out handsomely.

Maintaining Your New Shed

Regular maintenance and protection will keep your large investment safe. The following maintenance tips are provided by iLikeSheds:

  • Every six months, remove debris from the roof to avoid moisture buildup and harm below.
  • Examine for evidence of decay, cracks, or vermin every year; fix any issues as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse.
  • Retrench woodwork once a year or as needed, using a premium preservative spray. The most effective barrier is formed by oil-based kinds.
  • Make sure the ventilation apertures are kept free to increase airflow and prevent moisture problems within.
  • To preserve structural integrity, tighten or replace any loose, missing, or rusted hardware as needed.
  • Open inside doors on occasion throughout the winter to maintain pressure equilibrium and prevent temperature variations from warping panels.
  • To strategically direct rain away from lower walls that are fragile, take into consideration optional guttering and water butts.
Options for Financing

iLikeSheds provides financing alternatives through third-party suppliers like Klarna and PayPal Credit for bigger purchases. This enables competitive rates to be paid over a period of 6 to 24 months. But constantly weigh expenses against alternative funding options.


All iLikeSheds structures come with strong warranties: five years for metal and ten years for wood against rot. There is a minimum 12-month guarantee on artistry as well.

Planning Authorization

Sheds less than fifteen square meters often don’t need council permission. To apply for allowed development rights, one must be above. If in doubt, iLikeSheds’ experts can offer advice.

Customized Designs

When building fully customized structures like multi-room cabins, the joinery team will work closely with you to create comprehensive blueprints and set up sign-off before to production beginning. This guarantees flawless outcomes.

Services for Installation

Customers may choose the quickness and extra confidence of expert on-site installation by iLikeSheds professionals over do-it-yourself assembly. Their skillfully finished work fits any kind of venue.

Do It Yourself Advice

Detailed instructions are included for assembling the unit on your own. Throughout the building process, assembly hotline consultants are also available to take phone calls from customers with questions.

Post-purchase Assistance

If problems should develop later under warranty, iLikeSheds is still accessible to fix them even after installation. Additionally, free advise on minor maintenance is still given.


Thousands of happy former customers in London and abroad have left glowing online evaluations, which serve as social proof of the high-quality customer experiences that iLikeSheds regularly provides.

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