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A One Piece Game AOPG Trello and Discord links (January 2024)

Developers have provided written guides to players since the inception of gaming. Manuals are becoming obsolete in the current day, but Boss Studios’ Roblox game A One Piece Game is embracing the future by providing players with instructions via Trello and Discord.
This is the place to get all the knowledge you want if you want to excel in A One Piece Game.

Links to Trello and Discord for the One Piece game

Visit Boss Studios’ A One Piece Game Discord and Trello boards to learn about new updates, how to finish missions, and how to rule the seas as a pirate king.

The complete Roblox game manual is presently stored on Trello, a well-liked project management platform, along with a ton of other helpful data. This is a link to the Trello board for the A One Piece game.
You can talk to other fans, learn about planned updates, and acquire codes that can be used to get free stuff on Discord. This is a link to the Discord server for A One Piece Game.

What data is stored on the AOPG Trello board?

You can discover details regarding raids, regular bug patches, and much more on the AOPG Trello board. There are sections devoted to revealing codes, directions for finding Devil Fruits, an explanation of the map system, and all the juicy information on boss fights in AOPG.
A list of all the titles you may obtain through the gacha system is provided, along with information on the various races you can select from and the kind of weapon you can give your character. The cards that notify you of updates are, above all, the most crucial.

As of this writing, version 71 includes the following content:

New Goro V3:

  • To unlock Goro V3, speak with Wyper on the latest Skypeia.

Goro V3 unlock specifications:

  • Complete lightning arousal
  • gathered at least four bells
  • 7,000 Fruit statistics
  • 40,000 diamonds and 5,000 Haki stat
  • In the new Dungeon, battle Enel to reveal more moves.

Island New:

  • Updated Dungeon and Skypiea

Fresh Add-ons:

  • Arm Bands of Enel                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gives 800 Fruit, 800 Defense, and 800 Sword.
  • Drums Raijin                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gives Fruit 1,325 and Haki 900.
  • Kami’s Pants:                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bestows 900 Sword, 900 Defense, and 1,150 Fruit.
  • Sky Cap:                                                                                                                                                                                                         Provides 1,050 Defense, 800 Fruit, and 650 Haki.

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