leah funke missing miami florida

A FAIRPORT woman was discovered safe in Miami’s upper east side after going missing.

Authorities have verified that Leah Funke, 27, who vanished in Miami, was discovered safe on Tuesday morning, after a furious hunt for the Fairport woman. In a statement that WSVN was able to receive, Funke was last seen in Miami’s Upper Eastside neighborhood, and worries for her safety had grown. When she was last seen, she was wearing a basic tank top and jeans, and had been reported missing.

Following Funke’s abduction, Miami’s Special Victims Unit issued an urgent request for information, sparking a citywide hunt. Funke was described by the Miami Police as having remarkable blue eyes and black hair, and he was just 5’2″ and 110 pounds. They put around Funke’s description assiduously to help with the hunt. According to Rochester First, Funke’s friends from her homeland in the Village of Fairport supplied information on her, describing her as someone who was much missed and sought after by those who knew her. The police had not provided any more information about her disappearance or the circumstances that led to her discovery.

Authorities requested that anybody with information on Funke contact them via phone numbers and email addresses during the event. They stressed that even minute facts may lead to her whereabouts. When the police declared that Funke had been discovered safe, the community’s efforts paid off, as her friends and family felt less stressed.

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